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Auto screwing Machine
Auto screwing Machine
Auto Soldering Machine

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Who We Are-BBA

Professional Automation Solution Provider
 BBA automation headquartered in Guangdong, China. It mainly sells automatic screw driving machines, screw-counting feeders, soldering machines and other non-standard automation equipments. In addition, we have a professional screw fastening technology, which is very helpful for the mass production of screws. In the automation solution providing and other fields have been unanimously recognized by users.
  Over the past years, BBA have actively expanded the oversea market, with users all over America & Europe & Southeast Asia. The good atmosphere of the enterprise attracts a large number of outstanding talents, which makes the high-quality company with a highly cooperative professional team.
Our automatic screwdriving systems work with the platform machine.

Unique Solutions About Screw Assembly

Many of the industry’s standard approaches were created decades ago, long before today’s innovation. Doing more of the same is yielding only incremental benefits but management expects you to deliver better results. With a partner like BBA, you can.
Automation solutions help companies work more efficiently by streamlining workflows and replacing error-prone manual processes with accurate automated ones.
Our automation expertise is focused on helping you hit your targets and move your organization into Top Quartile performance.
Screw lock for audio
Screw lock for audio
Screw fasten for panel light
Screw fasten for panel light
Screw lock for car wheel
Screw lock for car wheel
Screw fasten for light bulb
Screw fasten for light bulb
Our soldering system perfectly integrate with pre & post soldering operation.


Durable,Reliable solutions

Our line of high-performance,low maintenance automated systems consistently outperforms the competition, and results in lower cost of operation.

Professional team

Gain more than 20 patent certificates, Power-full
R&D team and professional mechanical engineers.

Factory Price

We are manufacturer with cost effective machines and ensure 100% test before shipment with one year warranty.

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Our Certificate for Screw Fastening Machine

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BBA automation headquartered in Guangdong, China. It mainly sells automatic screwing machines, screw conveying presenter, soldering machines and other non-standard automation equipments.
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