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Electric Servo Motor Screwdriver Machine with Real-time Torque Monitor for Precise Screw Fastening

Servo motor screwdriver with torque monitor to show real-time torque, easy for torque adjustment. With dual working platform, can locking screws in turns, no waiting time to pick and place the product, double the efficiency. Be applicable for various screws from M1 to M8.

  • BBA-5441LS

  • BBA

Electric Servo Motor Screwdriver Machine with Real-time Torque Monitor for Precise Screw Fastening

Moving RangeX/Y/Y/Z 500*400*400*100MM
Max Jig Size200*280*70(MM)
Power SupplyAC110V/220V, 50HZ/60HZ
Air Pressure 0.4 to 0.8 Mpa
Moving SpeedX, Y 600-800 MM/S, Z 400MM/S
Control System Touch screen/Teach Pendant
Feeder ModePick & Place/ Magnetic
Applicable screwM1-M8
Working efficiency1.5s/screw
Driving ModeClosed-loop precison Motor + Synchronous Belt
Alarm SystemScrew Stripped and Loose Alarm
Screwdriver typeServo motor screwdriver
Torque RangeBased on Product requirement
Repeated Accuracy+/-0.02MM
Dimension of the machine750*750*500(MM)
Working EnvironmentTemp 0-40℃, Humidity 20%-95%

1.Big English torque monitor for real-time torque checking, servo motor screwdriver for precise screw locking.

2.Simple maintenance and learning, suitable for M1-M8 screw.

3.High efficiecy with double working platform to be 1.2s/screw. 

4.Detection functions as leak lock,sliding teeth,floating lock and so on.

5.Only change the product fixtuer, machine can be shared.

6.Clean: Since the action of taking the screw by hand or the electric screwdriver is omitted, it will not cause secondary pollution to the product due to the smudge generated when taking the screw by hand, and the screw will be stained by sweating hands, making it easier to rust or avoiding the electric screwdriver damage.

7.Customization is avaialble.



- Its flexibility and efficiency are reflected in the button operation to realize the conversion of products, and the automatic screw machine to adjust the position of the screw holes is convenient and fast.

- Double Y working platform, locking screws in turn for left and right side.

- The torque of the locking screw is adjustable, the position of the screw hole is adjustable, the distance of the servo movement is adjustable, and the program can be called on the touch screen when replacing the product.

- Continuous feeding, providing the screw count function and anti-missing function.

- Accurate torsion, convenient adjustment, screw loose thread and float lock, alarm function.

- Aluminum profile with beautiful appearance, anti-corrosion,easy cleaning,durable and long life.

Application for Electric Servo Motor Screwdriver Machine with Real-time Torque Monitor for Precise Screw Fastening

The automatic screw fastening machine is widely used, whether it is keyboards, sockets, electronics, chargers, calculators, plastic products, plastic toys and other screw-intensive products.

- Household appliances industry: electric kettles, air purifiers, hair dryers, televisions, air conditioners, washing machines, etc.

- Electronics products: socket, switch, LED, valve, toy, automobile, 3C industry etc.

- Toy-making factory: Due to the continuous innovation and variety of products, the use of screwdriver drill machine is undoubtedly a good choice to improve efficiency and save cost.

- Hardware industry: motor, motor parts assembly and other fields. 

The use of automatic screwdriver drill machine instead of manual operation not only reduce labor cost but also improve efficiency.


- 24 hours online service and video support.

- Complete English user manual and operating video to support.

- One-year warranty, except for consumables, the other parts can be replaced free of charge within one year.

- Free training available at our factory.

- Competitive price to reduce customer's cost

- Fast delivery: 5days (high stock for standard machine)


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