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Factory Supplied High speed Handheld Screwdriver Machine with Screw Feeder

Factory Supplied High speed Handheld Screwdriver Machine with Screw Feeder is consist of three main parts: screw sorting system, screw feeding system and screw tightening system. Available for M2~M6 screws. Machine in small size, convenient to move and easy to operate.

Factory Supplied High Speed Handheld Screwdriver Machine with Screw Feeder

Dimension of the machineL350*W400*H220(mm)
Power SupplyAC220V, 50HZ
Conveying distance1.5m standard,can be lengthened
Air Pressure Requirement0.4-0.7Mpa
Feeder Capacity2000pcs(M3)
Feeder ModeVibration and Air-blowing Type
Tighten Efficiency50-70pcs/min
ScrewdriverBrushless Screwdriver
Applicable screwM1-M5

1.One-hand operation, just need a hand to hold the product and align with screw hole for tightening.

2.Fast tightening speed, torsion precision and convenient adjustment for this handheld screwdriver machine with screw feeder.

3.Electric screwdriver in light weight and samll size will not hinder the workers' sight, convenient to store and move.

4.Alarm function for lack of screws. 

5.Automatic screw sorting to avoid pollution of screws picking by hands.

6.Sensor controls screws feeding one by one to avoid feeding repetition.

7. High efficiency with 50-70screws/minute.

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Handheld screwdriver machine with screw feeder is applicable for various screw sizes and screw types in different material.

-Energay-saving machine with low comsumpiton.

-Cost-saving, one handheld screwdriver machine with screw feeder can save 1-2 labors.

-Easy operating, worker only need click the screwdriver and align with the screw hole.

Wild application for this handheld screwdriver machine: mobile photo, hard disk, keyboard, toy, LCD/LED modules, communication equipment, electrical appliances, auto parts and so on.

- Auto products: In many processes, parts have many screw processes.

- Toys factory: in view of the variety of products, the handheld screwdriver machine with screw feeder is a good choice to meet the diversified needs of toy industry.

- Hardware assembly industry: such as motor, motor parts assembly and other fields. The use of handheld screwdriver machine with screw dispenser instead of manual operation can reduce labor cost and raise productivity.

- Good after-sale service: 24 hours on line service

- Competitive price

- Quality guarantee: One-year warranty for main machine except for consumables.

- Wide range of products

- Fast delivery and lead time: standard:5-10 days. Customized: 15-20days.

- Convenient payment method


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