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High Productivity Factory Price Glue Dispenser Robot for Product Bonding

Multi-axis glue dispenser robot with high efficiency can be used for various products, such as LED lights, electronic components, circuit boards, LCD screens, digital products, electronic toys, speakers, mobile phone buttons, switches, etc.

High Productivity Factory Price Glue Dispenser Robot for Product Bonding

Working Area(mm)300*200*60
Voltage110 / 220V 50HZ
Running accuracy(mm)0.01/Axis
Repeat accuracy(mm)±0.005/Axis
OperationTeach pendant
Work conditionTemperature 0-40°C / Humidity 20-90%
GlueOne component
Dispensing Volume10-100g/5s(based on 1:1 glue proportion)
Dispensing PrecisionGlue Amount±1%, Glue Proportion±1%
X/Y/Z Working RangeFrom 300*300*100mm to 600*600*100mm
XYZ SpeedMax 300mm/s
PatternsLines, Circles, Arcs, Continuous Paths, 3D Linear Interpolation
Input Pressure Range0.5-0.8MPa
Head Seal PressureMAX≤2.6Mpa
Adhesive Viscosity<10000cps Discuss for >10000cps
ControlIndustrial control board
Motion Control SystemIntelligent Motion Control Chip
Glue Injection WayPneumatic

  1. High efficency with multi dispensing head, can gluing multi products at one time.

  2. Dispenser robot is for easy opertion, new worker can operate with several minutes.

  3. The dispensing speed and amount of dispensing glue can be set separately.

  4. Uniform glue dispensing, no glue tail.

  5. Customized glue dispenser robot is available.

- Precison suction valve, control the amount of glue precisely.

- Compact machine size, save space, meet the requirement for most production line.

- Easy programming by teachinng pendant for this glue dispenser robot.

- Glue dispenser robot is controlled by a high precision stepping motor to ensure accuracy.

- Specail designed dispensing head to meet product requirement.

- Quickly open the glue, clean the glue, no drawing, no dripping.

3 axis glue dispenserwood glue roller dispenser

- 24 hours online service.

- Provide professional gluing solution.

- One-year warranty except for consumables, the other parts can be replaced free of charge within one year.

- Free sample test service.

- Export standard wooden box is provided.

- Fast delivery: standard:5-10 days. Customized: 15-20days.


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