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High Speed Electric Screw Feeder for M2 To M5 Screw

Automatic screw feeder can sort and dispense the screws automatically, saving time for sorting and picking the screws manually.

High Speed Electric Screw Feeder for M2 To M5 Screw 

Dimension 180*126*150mm
Screw lengthup to 20mm
DC Power supplyAC220V, DC12V 500mA ,AC adapter
Thread formM screw & self-tapping

MKS615 Automatic screw feeder with adjustable rail, Screw convey system with M1-M5 rail

* MKS615 Automatic Screw Feeding device

* screw feeding with adjustable rail

* screw feeder with M1-M5 rail

dispenser for screwscrewfix blue roll dispenser

screw dispenser cartridgescrew dispenser price

-No need to change part, work 24 hours continuously

-No screw block phenomenon, quality reliable

-One machine can be applied to various size screw from M1.0-M5.0

-Special screw like 1:1 short screw or screw with washer can be applied with

-Rail adjustment convenient, just need pull out the rail, freely adjust the rail width, very easy

-No screw block phenomenon, the screw is rotated in the roller, the screw out of the rail will enter into another rotating circle

-Freely adjust the working speed

-Adjust the vibration to change the speed, the screw will not vibrate at the outlet, which will not effect the working efficiency

-Alarm function: feeding and vibrating is controlled separately, freely set the ideal delay time. It will alarm once abnormal phenomenon occurred

-Operation is so easy as other normal screw feeder

- Communication industry: such as mobile phone, camera, hard disk, keyboard, printer, computer, DVD, home appliance, plastic, toy etc.

- Auto industry assembly: In many processes, parts have many screw processes.

- The toy production line: Due to the continuous innovation and variety of products, the use of automatic locking screw machine is undoubtedly a good choice. It plays an important role in improving efficiency or saving cost. The automatic screw locking machine has strong adjustability and can meet the diversified needs of toy industry.

- Hardware assembly industry: such as motor, motor parts assembly and other fields. The use of automatic screw locking machine instead of manual operation not only reduces the labor cost, but also improves the production efficiency.

- 7*24 online service.

- Provide operation instructions and videos to teach step by step.

- One-year warranty with non-artificial damage.

- We provide free training in our factory.

- Lead time: 5 days


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