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High Speed Industrial Robotic Soldering Machine with Double Soldering Irons

High qualtiy Industrial Robotic Soldering Machine with Double Soldering Irons is a multi-function, which can adjust the welding angle, orientation, and set the point at will, control the amount of tin in and out, control the size of the solder point, and better guarantee the welding process requirements of customer products. The machine has five axes, in addition to the ordinary XYZ axis, there is an independent stepping motor controlled tin feeding axis, and there is also a rotating axis that can rotate 360° in all directions.

High Speed Industrial Robotic Soldering Machine with Double Soldering Irons

ModelBBA-5331HX with double head
Voltage110/220V 50/60HZ
Working platform size500*300*300*100mm(X*Y1*Y2*Z)
Maximum load weight8KG(For work platform)
Solder Wire¢0.4-1.6(MM)
Move SpeedX.Y (600-800MM/S)
Repeated Precision+/-0.02MM
Temperature Control Range0-550℃
Heating Power150~300W
Air Pressure Requirement0.4 to 0.8 MPA (4 to 8KGF/CM2)
Control SystemSCM+ Teach Pendant
Driving ModePrecision Stepping Motor + Synchronous belt
Soldering MethodPoint Soldering/ Drag Soldering
Iron Tip CleaningAutomatic Air Cleaning
Working Temperature5-40℃
Working Humidity20-90%RH
Dimension of the machine600*600*880(MM)
  1. Soldering equipment support point/drag soldering function.

  2. Soldering iron machine is for full English operation interface and easy to learn and use.

  3. Support non-standard customization for this best soldering machine.

  4. Tin output speed and tin soldering speed is adjustable for electric soldering machine.

  5. iron soldering machine with good tinning effect, no false soldering,no tin overflow.

Solder wire machine manufacturer in China

1.Good soldering uniformity achieved high productivity for soldering robot

2.Electric soldering machine with two rails working in turn to improve efficiency

3. Soldering robot is suitable for soldering various products

4. Automated soldering machine Customization is avaialble

automation robotic arm soldering machine automation electronics soldering machine full auto electronics soldering machinetable type auto feeding soldering machine

1.Precision temperature controller to ensure temperature well-distributed and stability.

2.Automated soldering machine is program optimized, simple operation, teaching programming.

3.High precise feeding mechanism has broken tin function with no blockage.

4.Soldering robto With rotary solder function that can meet both spot soldering and drag soldering.

5.Soldering tip cleaning system.

6.Electric soldering machine effectively improves the soldering quality and consistency. Besides, it saves 30% of the solder consumption comparing to manual soldering.

Solder wire machine manufacturer in China

- It is commonly used automatic soldering equipment, used in automatic soldering, iron shell, connector and other products.

- It is widely used in automotive electronics, household appliances, components, LCD and

Circuit board and other advanced manufacturing industries.

- Due to temperature sensitive, reflow and wave soldering components, such as connectors, DIP packaging components, shields, sensors, transformers, cables, lines, trumpets, motor and so on.

auto circuit board soldering machine

- 7*24 online service.

- Provide manuals and videos to teach step by step.

- One-year warranty, except for consumables, the other parts can be replaced free of charge within one year.

- We provide free training in our factory.

- Export standard wooden box is provided.

- Lead time: standard:5-10 days. Customized: 15-20days.

- CE certificates are available.


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