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Welding Robot Automatic Soldering Machine with Dual Soldering Heads for PCB Auto Soldering

Auto PCB soldering machine with dual welding system is a specialized type of soldering equipment designed specifically for soldering electronic components to PCB boards for auto tin feeding, highly raise the soldering precison and productivity.

  • BBA-6331HX

  • BBA

Double Iron Tip Soldering Machine Robotic Soldering System for PCB Welding China Factory

ModelBBA-5331HX with double welding tips
Voltage110/220V 50/60HZ
Working platform size500*300*300*100mm(X*Y1*Y2*Z)@customized
Maximum load weight10KG(For work platform)
Solder Wire¢0.4-1.6(MM)
Move SpeedX.Y (600-800MM/S)
Repeated Precision+/-0.02MM
Temperature Control Range0-550℃
Heating Power150~300W
Air Pressure Requirement0.4 to 0.8 MPA (4 to 8KGF/CM2)
Control SystemModular driver + Teach Pendant
Driving ModePrecision Stepping Motor
Soldering MethodPoint Soldering/ Drag Soldering
Iron Tip CleaningAutomatic Air Cleaning
Working Temperature5-40℃
Working Humidity20-90%RH
Dimension of the machine600*600*880(MM)
  1. Soldering robot is for smooth tin feeding, no stuck.

  2. Automatic soldering robot for Precise soldering, automatic constant temperature,full solder joints.

  3. Automatic soldering machines are programmable, allowing users to create custom soldering profiles for different types of components and circuit boards. This flexibility enables adaptation to various production requirements and specifications.

  4. Advanced soldering machines may incorporate vision systems for automated component detection, alignment, and inspection. These systems ensure precise placement and soldering of components, even on densely populated circuit boards.

  5. Long warranty period for this welding robot: 2 years VS 1 year of other supplier.

Auto soldering machine with Dual soldering heads is tailored to the specific requirements of soldering electronic components to the PCB boards, providing the necessary capabilities for efficient, reliable, and consistent soldering in PCB welding process.


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Features of Welding Robot Automatic Soldering Machine with Dual Soldering Heads for PCB Auto Soldering

1. Electric soldering macchine is for program optimized, simple operation, teaching programming.

2. To enhance productivity and efficiency, soldering robot may incorporate automation features such as robotic arms, conveyor systems, and programmable soldering profiles. These features help streamline the soldering process and minimize manual labor requirements.

3. Iron solder machine with rotary solder function that can meet both spot soldering and drag soldering.

4. Auto soldering machine improves the soldering quality and consistency and saves 30% of the solder consumption comparing to manual soldering.

5. Multiple Soldering Heads: Many machines are designed to accommodate multiple soldering heads, allowing simultaneous soldering of multiple points on a circuit board. This feature significantly increases throughput and efficiency.

Application for Welding Robot Automatic Soldering Machine with Dual Soldering Heads for PCB Auto Soldering

Automatic soldering machine with dual welding heads find applications in various industries, primarily in electronics manufacturing, where precise and efficient soldering of electronic components onto circuit boards is essential. Some common applications include: 

-PCB Assembly: Automatic soldering machines are extensively used in printed circuit board (PCB) assembly processes to solder surface-mount devices (SMDs), through-hole components, and other electronic parts onto PCBs. These machines ensure consistent soldering quality and improve production efficiency.

-Consumer Electronics: In the consumer electronics industry, automatic soldering machines are employed for the assembly of products such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs, and gaming consoles. These machines enable high-speed, high-precision soldering of miniature components, contributing to the production of compact and reliable electronic devices.

-Automotive Electronics: Automatic soldering machines play a crucial role in the manufacturing of automotive electronics, including engine control units (ECUs), dashboard displays, infotainment systems, and sensors. These machines ensure the soldering of components that meet automotive industry standards for reliability and durability in harsh operating environments.

-Medical Devices: In the medical device manufacturing sector, automatic soldering machines are utilized for soldering electronic components in devices such as patient monitors, infusion pumps, diagnostic equipment, and implantable devices. The precise soldering provided by these machines is critical for ensuring the reliability and safety of medical devices.

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- 7*24 online service.

- Provide complete English operating instructions and videos to teach step by step.

- Free training at our factory.

- Export standard wooden box is provided.

- Lead time: standard:5-10 days. Customized: 15-20days.

- 2 yeas warranty VS 1 year of other supplier, lifetime techincal support.


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