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As a professional screw locking machine factory, BBA automation will often introduce you useful information about screw fastening technology, screw dispensing machines. If you are interested in, we look forward to your contact!
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How to choose the most suitable handheld screw fastening machine?

At present, the hand-held screw tightening machine is mainly divided into two types: push-down type and push-pull type. The working principle of both types is the same. The difference in detailed design is mainly used for screw feeding solutions in different situations. It's easy to choose the devic

How long does it take to customize a handheld screw tightening machine?

Handheld screw tightening machine is for easy operating, worker no need to pick screws anymore, just need feeding the screws directly to the product. In view of the profitable price and high efficiency for this handheld screwdriver machine, it is welcomed by manufacturing industry, especially the sm

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BBA automation headquartered in Guangdong, China. It mainly sells automatic screwing machines, screw conveying presenter, soldering machines and other non-standard automation equipments.
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