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Cartesian Robotic Soldering System Solution Circuit Board Soldering Assembling System

BBA-QZSMC1305 intelligent tin soldering machine operating system is designed and manufactured by the professional digital control team of the company for tin welding machine industry,it is featured as low cost, high condensation and high degree of integration. The perfect tin soldering processes are collocated to meet different processing demands, the product is widely applied in the multi-axis automatic tin soldering machine field.

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Cartesian Robotic Soldering System Solution Circuit Board Soldering Assembling System

1. 320*240 HD colored screen and English operation interface are collocated to bring convenience to learning and usage.
2. Perfect tin welding processes are collocated, spot&drag soldering processes are prepared, the tin supply speed is automatically adjusted according to the working speed.
3. The oblique angle gun access function is collocated. it is able to set up the gun access angle at disposal.
4. The tin shaking function (horizontal, vertical) is collocated to upgrade the welding quality.
5. Perfect cleaning functions include regular cleaning function or designated position cleaning function, upon cleaning, the tin compensation volume is set up.
6. It supports the counterpoint function of MARK point and aims to revise the error caused by the angle and position deviation of work piece.
7. It enjoys the skip selection function and is able to select numerous interrupted commands at one time.
8. It enjoys the command displacement function and is able to move the edited function to the target position.
9. It enjoys such functions as regional array copy, translational calculation, batch edition, single step, automatic and
circulation operation, I/O input and output.
10. It enjoys such functions as automatic execution, automatic reset, production volume setup and processing time counter and thus meets different application demands.
11. The action parameter is edited and downloaded to the controller by serial port for off-line and separate operation,the action parameter can be also saved in the portable box to bring convenience to usage, graph copy and save functions are collocated between the equipment.
12. The portable box is able to save several hundred processing files, each file can support 8,000 commands,they are adopted in the normal usage.
13. The hardware is collocated with four-gun tunnel control function, four-way general output function, eight-way input function and twelve-way high-speed pulse output function.
14. Each action command has separate tin delivery time, tin return time, lifting height and flexible batch revision functions,they are able to swiftly upgrade the edition efficiency.

soldering controller system

Cartesian Robotic Soldering System Solution Circuit Board Soldering Assembling System

soldering teaching pendantwelding controller system

soldering operating system

Installation size:soldering machine control system

 Soldering Equipment Movement Controller SystemRobotic Soldering Solution

Features of Cartesian Robotic Soldering System Solution Circuit Board Soldering Assembling System

------------------- Hardware features of soldering controller
Number of motor axis: 5 axis (XYZRB)
Pulse frequency: 200K
Quantity of I/O port: Exclusive eight-way input (XYZR original point, start/pause, pause, reset/emergency shutdown buttons); exclusive four-way rubber gun output (four rubber gun switches, direct driving solenoid valve, driving current: 2A); four-way general I/O output, four-way general I/O input; twelve-way high-speed "NPN integrated electrode open circuit" 5-24VDC output; rated current: 0.5A.

Input category of I/O: Optocoupler isolated input.
Save capacity: 16M
Interface model: DB44 interface
Working voltage: 24V DC
Working temperature: -10-60ºC
Storage temperature: -40ºC-70ºC
Working humidity: 40%-80%
Save humidity: 0%-95%

--------------- Hardware features of soldering portable box
Interface model: USB interface and serial port are collocated; USB interface is connected with the computer-This function is
temporarily reserved. The serial port is connected with the portable box.
Save model: Flash chip.
Display screen: 320*240, 3.2'' colored LCD.

----------------- List of Products

Name of fittingsCategoryQtyIntroduction
Portable boxNecessary1Operation instruction box
ControllerNecessary1Operation controller
Data lineNecessary1Connection line
Lenghtened lineNecessary1lengthened line of controller serial port

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