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High Speed Automated PCB Lead Cutting Machine with Cleaning Function

The Automatic PCB lead cutter machine is mainly used for cutting the extra pins of the components

after soldering,this machine is assemblyed by precision manufacturing parts,also the key parts is finished through long time and careful research,using import bearing for assemblying the cutter,make sure all

works together. The blade rotate fast and stability,at the same time it's very low noise and high efficiency.

  • BBA-5331CU

  • BBA

High Speed Automated PCB Lead Cutting Machine with Cleaning Function

Voltage110/220V 50/60HZ
Working platform

400*300*100 mm (can be customized)

R axis: 360°

Maximum load weight8KG (For work platform)
Repeated Precision+/-0.03MM
Operation systemTeaching pendant
Program Capacity1000 files, 8000points per set
Data Storage TypeUSB Disk
Movement patternPoint to point in XYZ axis, Continuous line, arc
Cutting efficiency6000-7500 points per hour
Cutting capacityCopper wire ≤ Φ3.0mm(change different cutters according to wire diameters)
Driving ModePrecision Stepping Motor + Synchronous belt

Advantage for Automated PCB Lead Cutting Machine with Cleaning Function

  • 1. Automatic lead wire cutting machine, can cut approximate 1-3mm height.

  • 2. With thickness precision adjustment, suitable for different thickness of the PCB of 0.8 - 2.5 mm.

  • 3. Used for soldering pin after removal of the circuit board welding.

pcb lead cutting machine

gantry type soldering machine for sale

1. Human-machine interface control panel for easier operation, it is suitabe for PCBA leads cutting after soldered

2. Applicable to a wide range of products, only need to adjust the multi-functional fixture, can achieve different products of cutting PCBA leads.

3.  The teaching pendant can store more than 1,000 processing files, and each file can support 8,000 instructions, which can be selected out when using

4. PCB lead cutting efficiency: 6000-7500points per hour

5.  The cutting speed & single point amount of PCBA leads can be set separately, leads cutting accuracy ±0.2mm

6. High-precision stepper motor control, accurate cutting track

7.It can be used to cut any shape of point, line, arc, etc.

8. The cutter head can be adjusted at any angle and in any direction, with wide applicability to meet different needs

9. Machines of different specifications can be customized according to customer's products.

This lead cutting robot is aviable for various products:

- Digital electronics

- Led lighting

- Communications

- Home appliance

- Automobile industry

- Toy industry

1. Why do customers choose us as cooperater?

- We have rich experience in lead wire cutting machine field with superior quality and good after-sale service.

2. What's your product MOQ?

- The MOQ is 1pc for the machine.

3. What's your warranty terms?

- Our machine has 1 year warranty for main machine except consumable.

4. Are you manufacturer or trading company?

- We are the manufacturer with over 10 years experience.

5. Can I customize the machine?

- Customization is available per customer's requirement.

6. Can I visit your factory?

- You are welcome to visit our factory, we also provide free sample testing.


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