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Semi-auto Screwdriver Machine with Auto Screw Feeder for Door Locker Assemble China Manufacturer

semi-automatic screwdriver machines with auto feeder provide a balance between manual and fully automatic screwdriving solutions, providing efficiency, consistency, and flexibility in various assembly and manufacturing applications. These machines are well-suited for environments where a moderate level of automation is desired, but full automation may not be practical or cost-effective.

Semi-auto Screwdriver Machine with Auto Screw Feeder for Door Locker Assemble China Manufacturer

Dimension of the machine32*40*53CM
Power SupplyAC110/220V, 50/60HZ
Motor systemPrecision stepping motor
Air Pressure Requirement0.4-0.7Mpa
Manual controlPedal switch
Feeder ModeVacuum or Air-blowing Type
Tighten Efficiency1.0S/pcs
ScrewdriverElectric Brushless Screwdriver
Applicable screwM1-M6

  1. Fixturing or Clamping System: Semi-automatic screwdriver machines often feature fixturing or clamping systems to hold the workpiece securely in place during screw driving. This ensures accurate screw placement and prevents movement or misalignment during the assembly process.

  2. Adjustable Screwdriving Parameters: These machines typically offer adjustable parameters such as screw driving speed, torque, and depth to accommodate different screw sizes, materials, and workpiece configurations. This flexibility allows for precise screwdriving tailored to specific assembly requirements.

  3. Operator Controls: Semi-automatic screwdriver machines come with user-friendly controls that allow operators to start, stop, and adjust the screwdriving process as needed. These controls may include buttons, switches, or a touchscreen interface for ease of operation.



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Semi-automatic screwdriver machines with auto screw dispenser bridge the gap between manual and fully automatic screwdriving processes, offering increased efficiency and consistency while still requiring some operator intervention. Here are the features commonly found in semi-automatic screwdriver machines:

  1. Auto Screw Feeding: Unlike fully automatic machines that handle screw feeding automatically, semi-automatic screwdriver machines typically require operators to manually press the pedal switch to operate the feeding process

  2. Automatic Screw Driving: Once the screws are loaded into the feeding mechanism, the machine automatically positions and drives the screws into the workpiece. This automation reduces the time and effort required for screwdriving tasks compared to manual methods.

Application of Semi-auto Screwdriver Machine with Auto Screw Feeder for Door Locker Assemble China Manufacturer

Semi-auto screwdriver machine with an auto feeder offers a convenient solution for automating repetitive screw-driving tasks while providing the flexibility of manual operation. Here are some applications where such a tool can be beneficial:

  1. Assembly Lines: In manufacturing facilities, especially those producing electronic devices, appliances, or machinery, handheld screwdriver machines with auto feeders can streamline assembly line operations. Operators can quickly and precisely drive screws into components or casings without the need for manual handling of individual screws.

  2. Automotive Assembly: Electric screwdriver machine with auto feeders are useful in automotive assembly plants for installing various components, such as interior trim, dashboard panels, or electronic modules. These machines enable fast and efficient screw driving, contributing to the speed and accuracy of the assembly process.

  3. Furniture Manufacturing: In furniture manufacturing, particularly for products like cabinets, desks, or chairs, handheld screwdriver machines with auto feeders can expedite the assembly of components. Workers can easily drive screws into wood or metal parts, reducing assembly time and improving productivity.

  4. Consumer Electronics: Handheld screwdriver machines with auto feeders are valuable in the assembly of consumer electronics products, such as smartphones, laptops, or home appliances. These machines facilitate the precise installation of screws in compact and intricate devices, ensuring consistent quality and reducing assembly errors.

  5. Construction and Installation: In construction projects or installations where multiple screws need to be fastened, such as drywall installation, HVAC systems, or electrical fixtures, handheld screwdriver machines with auto feeders can save time and effort for workers. These tools simplify the task of driving screws into various materials, enhancing efficiency on the job site.

- 7*24 online service.

- Provide operation instructions and videos to teach step by step.

- One-year warranty except for consumables, the other parts can be replaced free of charge within one year.

- Free training available at our factory.

- Export standard wooden case is provided.

- Lead time: standard:5-10 days. Customized: 15-20days.


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