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Automatic Wire CNC Cut & Soldering Machine for Pcb Wire Cable Soldering

Automatic soldering machine with CNC wire cutting machine is an automatic soldering&cutting equipment.The core part of automatic PCB&wire soldering&cutting machine is the soldering system and cutting system. The soldering system is mainly composed of automatic tin feeding mechanism, temperature control, heating element and soldering iron head.The cutting system is mainly for the cutting head and blade, which can be adjusted to any direction, 360° free rotation for R-axis. Wire cable cutting&soldering machine is for XYZ movements with teaching pendant for easy programming, even beginner can quickly grasp the operation essentials. Widely used in electronic products as wires, PCBA, Led light, circuit boards,etc.

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Automatic Wire CNC Cut & Soldering Machine for Pcb wire cable Soldering

(Single Y platform)
(Dual Y platforms)
(Dual soldering systems)
VoltageAC 110/220V 50/60HZ
Power350W350W700WTo order
Movable rangeX300mmX500mmX1/X2500mmTo order
Max moving speedX600mm/sX600mm/sX1/X2600mm/sTo order
Repeat Positioning Accuracy±0.02mm (X * Y * Z), ±0.05° (R)To order
Maximum Load Weight8KG (For Work Platform)To order
Programming File Capacity256MB, up to 999 files, single file up to 1000 pointsTo order
Preheating Temperature Range0℃~ 550℃To order
Solder Wire Diameter0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2,1.6 (mm)To order
Tin feeding controlPrecision stepper motorTo order
Working efficiency1.5seconds per wire cut and soldering point
External Dimensions(L*W*H)70*60*85(CM)85*60*85(CM)100*60*85(CM)To order
Weight65KG90KG120KGTo order

Automatic Wire CNC Cut & Soldering Machine for Pcb Wire Cable SolderingCNC cutting machinewire clipping machine


Features Automatic Wire CNC Cut & Soldering Machine for Pcb Wire Cable Soldering

1. Easy operation with human-machine interface control panel.

2. Customized product fixture to meet different PCB size.

3. Large programme capacity, can store more than 1,000 processing files, and each file supports 8,000 instructions.

4. High working efficiency: 1.5seconds per wire cut and soldering point.

5. Equipped with High-precision stepper motor control.

6. Automatic soldering&cutting machine can be used to for various PCB, circuit boards.

7. The cutter head can be adjusted at any angle in any direction, with wide applicability to meet different needs.

8. Machines of different specifications can be customized based on customer's requirements.

Application of Automatic Wire CNC Cut & Soldering Machine for Pcb Wire Cable Soldering

Automatic wire cutting&soldering machine is available for a wide range of products, mainly suitable for selective clipping of circuit boards in the PCB industry: Digital electronics, Led light panel, PCB industry, Communications, Home appliance, Automobile industry, etc.

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